For the second year in a row, Kenny Chesney has taken a short break from touring to catch passes from Drew Brees. The country star practiced with the New Orleans Saints this week, joining buddies Brees, running back Reggie Bush and tight end Jeremy Shockey at a practice at Millsaps College in Jackson, Miss.

Last year, Chesney did a "walk through" with the team on the night before a big game. But this year was a full practice, which proved to be a bit more challenging for the singer.

"As good a shape as you think you're in -- and people know I work out pretty hard -- you get out here and you know what in shape really means," Chesney admits. "These guys are in unbelievable condition, and just keeping up makes me feel like I'm hitting my marks."

The highlight of Chesney's practice was catching a 45-yard punt. It was because of that feat that Coach Sean Payton gave the team next Sunday off.