He sells more concert tickets than any artist of any genre, and now Kenny Chesney is gassing up the tour bus to hopefully hold onto that distinction. The country star embarks on his Sun City Carnival Tour this Friday, with his first stop in Uncasville, Ct. We asked Chesney how he's mixing it up this time around.

"Somebody asked me, 'How are you going to make it bigger?' I said, 'Well, we can't have any more lights, or any more big screens. We can't turn it up any louder!'" he tells The Boot. "But you know what, I think that the energy level of this show is going to be stronger. We've been working really hard the last couple of months getting this thing the way we want it, trying to give fans the most unbelievable experience we can."

Fans at Chesney's shows should bring their dancing shoes. He promises it will be high energy from song-one.

"I don't do a ballad until 51 minutes into the show," he told us with a laugh. "So I've got to be in shape!"

Joining Chesney on stage will be his full band, a horn section and Drummie Zeb of legendary reggae group, The Wailers. Chesney and the Wailers first met up when they performed in the country star's 'Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven' video.

"This adds a whole other flavor and gives the music an undertow of what it feels like out on a boat, listening to the music drifting over your bow," Chesney says. "Drummie plays great. He fits in with the guys and he brings a piece of this music that's there but isn't brought out usually. I think it's kinda crazy having a Rastafarian on the road with a country band, and yet it makes perfect stuff."

The first two Sun City Carnival shows sold out in just 15 minutes. Chesney says he's grateful for the loyal fans who keep buying tickets year after year. He promises to make it worth their while.

"It's not necessarily the songs, [it's] what happens in between -- the little things that hopefully will connect with people," he tells The Boot. "That's what we work on more than anything. I mean, the guys know the songs, it's just making the experience what it is, and hopefully they'll leave there saying it was worth it."

Chesney's 'Greatest Hits II' album is set for release on May 19. The singer also talked to The Boot about several tracks on the compilation that have defined his career. We'll bring you that part of our chat with the country superstar next month.