Kenny ChesneyKenny Chesney will appear on Oprah on Friday (April 9) to talk about his upcoming documentary, 'Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D,' the DVD of Kenny's incredible summer concerts that premieres Saturday, April 17 at Las Vegas' Rave Town Square 18 Cinemas. Kenny will be in Las Vegas -- where he will also attend this year's ACM Awards -- to walk the red carpet and likely say more about the film.

While you may not be able to attend the premiere, you can watch a live stream of all the action -- and even catch a trailer of the movie -- now by clicking here. The film will open in theaters on April 21.

"It was an amazing -- and at times scary -- experience to have cameras that close, in the air, in a blimp ... because they're everywhere," says Kenny of filming the documentary. "But when you see what this film captures... well, even for me, who's in the eye of the storm, I was taken aback! It has all the energy, all the thrills and even better focus on some of the most rocking nights I can imagine. If you see this, you've seen me in a way I've never been seen."

Those who worked on the documentary say that because Kenny gave filmmakers incredible access to his shows it truly allowed them to capture his live concert experience. The 3D footage was shot over six nights in five locations -- Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Foxboro, and Indianapolis -- using a total of 22 3D camera rigs with state-of-the-art technology!

The Boot will have highlights from Kenny's Oprah appearance coming soon!

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