Even though he's not launching a super tour as in years past, Kenny Chesney is still one of the hardest working people in show business. He's been at Sony Studios in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on his upcoming concert film, shot at many of last year's stadium shows on his Sun City Carnival tour.

Kenny admits he didn't expect to be as awestruck by the shots or the sound as he is, and actually seeing it on a cinema-sized screen has rendered him almost speechless ... we say, almost.

"To be able to really see those faces where I can just stand there and take it all in, now that is something I don't see very much, and I got to a lot of shows, and watch a lot of crowds," explains the four-time ACM and CMA Entertainer of the Year."But the folks who come out for us, well, it's something I can't explain, but I can't wait for the fans to get to see themselves, to get to see what me and the guys get to see every night!"

The Tennessee native will also release his new single, 'Ain't Back Yet,' on Feb. 8. The track, which is described as celebrating "fast cars, first love [and] chasing dreams," serves as the end theme for the film and will be included on his upcoming album. Kenny says the song describes his life, but most especially his music. "I wanted a piece of music that encapsulated the things in my life that brought me here. You get so focused on what you're trying to accomplish, it takes over ... and there's nothing that's going to come between you and your dream."

The film has reignited a passion within the superstar and Kenny says fans will be just as excited as he is to see the finished product. "The places these cameras go, the way the songs and the people are captured, this truly is closer than you can get with a ticket."

'Kenny Chesney; Summer in 3-D' arrives in theaters nationwide April 21. His new album is slated for the fall.