Without a doubt, Kenny Chesney is the fittest singer in the country world. The toned tunesmith shares his workout regiment and diet with Men's Health as he covers the magazine's June issue. Despite his hyper-awareness to health, the singer does admit to a few vices.

"I've never abused my body with drugs," he tells the magazine. "I've never smoked. But I will say that I've probably been over-served a lot. You can't spend 19 years on the road and not have a few drinks."

To stay in shape, the "Reality" singer makes a few sacrifices. He claims to not have had salt in a decade, while he rarely eats dairy and bread. However, he does allow him self one day a week to cheat: Sunday.

Why does the Tennessee native spend so much time keeping his body in peak performance? It has all to do with his fans, and being able to give them the level of a live show he thinks they deserve.

"You think you're sprinting on this treadmill," he says. "When I'm up there it's like I'm at a constant sprint at a 15 level. But the thing you have onstage that you don't have in the gym is adrenaline."

To get to the point where he can sustain that for two hours in the summer heat, Kenny starts training the January before a summer tour. It beings with a 45-minute strength training session, adding 15-minute high-intensity interval training as the tour approaches.

As for his decision to make this life change, it all had to do with keeping his career on top. "I remember lying in bed one night, going, 'You have to step it up. You have to make yourself better. There's somebody some-where you don't know -- and you may never meet them -- but they're kicking your livin' ass,'" he says. "And I don't want to let somebody have that on me."

Once the tour concludes, and Kenny heads back to the Caribbean, he already knows what he'll do.

"I'm gonna have a couple of cold Coronas and listen to music and watch the sun move across the sky," he says. "And I'll try to relax and turn my brain off. If I could find the light switch to turn that off ... but I'm glad it's not off. I wouldn't know what to do. I'm like a shark. I've got to be constantly moving."

Kenny doesn't have to worry about stopping anytime soon. He kicks off the Brothers of the Sun tour with Tim McGraw on June 2 in Tampa, Fla. Get a full list of dates here.

Brothers of the Sun Tour Info

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