Kenny Chesney continues his lengthy run of being one of music's most successful artists of any genre. The man dubbed Entertainer of the Year by both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association has garnered his 24th consecutive Top Ten hit, making it the longest consecutive run of top ten hits of any artist this millennium.

"I just know how psyched I was when I got that first Top 10 hit," Chesney says. "Beyond that, you don't think about how many . . . You just hope there's gonna be another one. I've been very lucky -- some of the best writers in the whole world let me record some of their very best songs, and I've written a few that hit people, as well, but the record, wow, that's pretty cool."

Not that setting records is anything new for Chesney. He is also the only artist who has sold over a million tickets each year for the past six years, which makes him the biggest ticket seller of the century.

"You know, the radio was everything for us growing up," concedes the leading ACM nominee. "Now people have iPods, mp3s, all kinds of stuff beyond their car radio. But I still think that it's riding around with your friends -- or driving to be somewhere you really wanna be - that songs become a big part of your life. So to hear that I've got the longest run of Top 10s since 2000, well, that means my songs have been a big part of a lot of people's lives."