No matter how many stadiums he sells out, platinum albums he hangs on his walls or trophies he adds to his mantle, Kenny Chesney is a small town Tennessee guy at heart. He wears his heritage as a badge of honor in the new song, "I'm a Small Town," one of the more sentimental tracks on the country superstar's upcoming Welcome to the Fishbowl album.

"When Keith Gattis gave me this song, I was in a plane flying home somewhere, and I listened to it 50 times, over and over again," says Kenny. "I was immediately transformed into that kid again that literally used to sit in the backyard and stare up at the stars and wonder if there was anything else out there beyond what he knew. That's where I first learned how to dream."

(The "I'm a Small Town" song premiere has now expired, but you can hear more music from Kenny's new album here.)

Due in stores June 19, Welcome to the Fishbowl is Kenny's 13th studio album. Its title came from an experience the country superstar had at one of his favorite beach hangouts in Florida. "We walked in, and it was packed," he explains (quote via USA Today). "There was about 20 minutes of people coming up, saying hello, wanting to get something signed. After that died down, one of those guys said, 'I didn't realize your life was like this.' I said, 'Hey, man, welcome to the fishbowl.' As soon as I said it, I realized that I was going to write a song about how our world and our culture is shrinking."

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Watch Kenny Discuss 'I'm a Small Town'