Kenny Chesney, who holds the record as the No. 1 ticket seller of any genre, is adding to his already packed touring schedule a dozen more stadium dates this year. Playing in major cities like Seattle, Detroit, San Francisco and Chicago, Chesney is certainly living up to his role as reigning Entertainer of the Year.

"There's something that happens when we're on those big stages," he says. "You get to where you can really feel the back row ... those people all the way back ... like you were in a club on a really hot night. There's no way to really put that into words, but those shows, they're something else. And as long as we've got cities where we know we can bring the biggest tent, then we're gonna keep doing it."

And though he may boast the biggest tent, Chesney reports that not all of his shows will be huge productions.

"Some cities -- like Boston, where we've been four times -- really want us to come back in that big way," Chesney reports of the city he sold out in less than ten minutes this year. "And I like changing things up, so some markets we're gonna play smaller venues and come back big, and a couple markets we're gonna throw the all-day party for the first time. But it's gonna be a really intense day of music, especially with the acts we've got this year!"

Those opening acts include Sugarland, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum and Montgomery Gentry.