Kenny Chesney has spent much of the year out of the spotlight, working on his new album. But while the singer has remained silent on the progress of his latest set of tunes, he sent one cryptic tweet to his almost two million followers that could possibly be a clue regarding new music from the superstar.

Chesney said that he wanted to take time off the road in 2014 to pour all of his energy into his new record, which will be the follow-up to his 2013 'Life On a Rock' album.

“It’s a lot harder to find those songs than you’d think,” he explains, “and writing takes time — to think, to live, to be.”

The 46-year-old admits it wasn't an easy decision to take time off of the road.

“We have so much fun out there … with the fans, the other bands … It’s summer camp with guitars and a great sound system,” he adds. “And when we hit that stage every night, and hear the crowd, that’s the best drug in the world. How you take a year off from that is hard; but music is the reason I do all of it, so right now, when I’m coming off an album that took me places I didn’t know I was gonna go, I think that’s what I should be exploring.”

So far, Chesney has not confirmed when a new single, or a new album, will be available. Though he took the year off from touring, he did appear at a charity concert in New Orleans recently. His only other live appearance of the year will be at George Strait's star-studded final live concert in Dallas on June 7. His rum, however, is on the Nowhere But Here Tour, where fans of legal drinking age can sample Chesney's Blue Chair Rum line. Those dates are available here.