Kenny Chesney kicked off the 2014 CMA Awards in a big way with an energy-infused performance of his No. 1 hit, 'American Kids.'

Similar to his music video for the tune, Chesney brought out a psychedelic bus in a desert-like scene, complete with photos of cacti. His friends -- a whole bunch of extremely good-looking young people -- partied around the bus, having fun, playing music and even riding bicycles. They wore colorful, hippie-inspired clothing and danced to the incredibly catchy beat.

Chesney himself looked totally relaxed; he wore jeans, his trusty cowboy hat and a t-shirt. The song was truly the perfect way to kick off the awards, and the singer fell in love with the track, the first single off his 16th studio album, at the very first listen.

“I knew it was one of the freshest things in a long time when I heard it,” he says. “And then I heard it on the radio, and I couldn’t believe how great it sounded! ‘American Kids’ sounded as freewheeling and free-spirited as the folks I’m singing about … and no matter how old you are, I promise, unless you were one of those kids who just didn’t like fun, you know just how alive this feels.”

The CMA performance was a taste of what's to come with the superstar's Big Revival Tour, kicking off in 2015.

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate,” he says about the tour. “I’ve been ready to get out there for a long time. Now that we’re announced I’m fired up! This new music brings a new energy to the show, and it’s gonna take what we do to a whole other level.”