To many of his fans, Kenny Chesney's music speaks the story of their lives, of falling in and out of love, reflecting on life's promises and should-have-beens, as well as hope that one day those grandiose thoughts and ideas of the future would turn into a reality. The Tennessee native has touched the hearts and minds of his audience with such songs as 'I Go Back,' 'Young,' 'Summertime,' 'Be As You Are,' 'The Good Stuff'' and ''A Lot of Things Different,' as well as his latest single, 'Ain't Back Yet.'

"'Ain't Back Yet' is just a song ... about chasing your dream," explains Kenny. "It reminded me a lot of a guy leaving east Tennessee with all his stuff in the back of a truck, and I was gone chasing my dream, and I'm not back yet ... I actually think that my family thought this music thing was something that I was going to do for a couple of years and then realize it wasn't going to work and then come back, so I'm not back yet."

Kenny is looking forward to performing the song live for fans during his handful of dates this summer, and hopes his followers will gain a little insight into how he got to where he is now. "I think it defines and describes what my journey's been about to a 'T'."

The singer-songwriter will share his journey when he kicks off a two-night stand May 14 at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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