Keni Thomas is premiering a powerful music video for his song 'Hold the Line' exclusively on The Boot.

The visual mixes shots of soldiers in combat with those of a veteran back home -- watching a high school football team, spending time with his daughter and in Arlington National Cemetery -- while the lyrics highlight the different meanings that the phrase "hold the line" has in sports, at home and at war. Together, the finished product reminds viewers to be strong and supportive no matter the circumstances, a lesson of which Thomas, as a veteran himself and a motivational speaker, is a strong proponent.

“Leadership has never been about the rank or the position you hold. It’s about the example you set," Thomas says. "There are people to your left and to your right who are counting on you, and it's up to you to deliver. But you will only be as good as you prepared yourself to be.”

Thomas served in the Army as part of the Task Force Ranger special operations unit and was involved in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu, later immortalized in 'Black Hawk Down.' He enlisted a second time and became an assistant team leader for a six-man ranger reconnaissance team, earned his master parachutist rating and distinction as an advanced EMT, and completed the Special Forces Combat Diver Course and the Belgium Commando Course.

Thomas has provided military analysis for major news networks, acted as a consultant for the films 'Black Hawk Down' and 'We Were Soldiers,' and has been recognized by the president and Congress. He is the recipient of a bronze star for valor and the American Patriot Award, and is a national spokesman for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

'Hold the Line,' off Thomas' third solo disc, 'Give It Away,' appears in the documentary 'The Hornet's Nest.' Both the song and album are available on iTunes.