Some televised singing competitions may be slipping in the ratings, but according to Kelly Clarkson, there's still a lot of life left in the the reality TV subset.

"Even when people say ratings are coming down, that’s like, what, 20 million to 15 [million]? It’s still millions more than the others! They’re killing all the other shows on the network," she tells Time magazine. "It’s supply and demand, whether it’s American Idol or The Voice or America’s Got Talent or all the other shows."

Clarkson hit the music scene after winning Season 1 of American Idol, and her success in the industry post-Idol is second only to Carrie Underwood, who won the show's fourth season. In 2014 alone, Clarkson took home $8 million, and Underwood earned $10 million.

"I do think it’s a lot harder [now] because there’s such a plethora of [singing competition shows]. People are always asking me, why did you make it? Or Carrie, why did she make it? We were early on!" Clarkson continues. "There wasn't a lot of competition. We weren't competing as much, except for the fact that people hated talent shows, and now they like them! [Laughs] They’ll last as long as people keep watching them."

In the 13 years since her Idol win, Clarkson has seen a lot of changes happen in the music industry, especially with the way people are able to enter the arena and become successful. She recognizes that her path to success may have been unconventional, but she says that she's happy to see anyone make it in the industry, no matter how they get there, and competition shows offer a leg up to a lot of artists.

"You do have more leverage when trying to navigate your career than a first-time artist normally would have," she says. "You have the Carries or the Jennifer Hudsons, you have these people who are successful before you even have your project. That’s key.

"Do I think there’s a right or wrong way? No. I love the way I came into the business," Clarkson adds. "People don’t even realize Frank Sinatra got into the business through a competition. I don’t think it matters how you got here, it matters if you’re good enough to hang around."

Clarkson released her latest album, Piece By Piece, earlier this month. The project is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

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