Kelly Clarkson will have a new single, 'Heartbeat Song,' available soon. She revealed the title and release date via Twitter on Jan. 7.

According to Clarkson's tweet and website, the song will be available on Jan. 12. More details, such as the single's artwork, will be revealed as fans share her announcement.

Earlier this month, the original 'American Idol' was dropping hints about this new tune and the rest of her upcoming music.

"2 clues for the first single ....Proof of life & Dr. Dre #TheNextEpisode," one tweet read, which sort of makes sense now: A heartbeat could be considered a "proof of life," and although the Dr. Dre hint is less obvious, the rapper has a line of headphones called Heartbeats, which may be the connection.

The new mom also revealed that her upcoming album will be a pop record -- but not just pop, as Clarkson says she is "always influenced by music I love, which is pop-rock/country/r&b/dance."

Another tidbit Clarkson dropped? There's a duet on her upcoming record, and she says, "This wasn't our first time to sing together."

Clarkson first revealed that she was hard at work on this new set of tunes in September.

“It’s an uplifting record. I’ve always been a person about empowerment and doing empowering songs,” she says. “There’s empowering songs on the record and there’s a lot of positive on there.”