Kelly Clarkson is preparing to release her new album in 2015 and she's letting fans know what they can expect on the upcoming release.

Clarkson joked about the album at a recent press conference, saying that it's shaping up to be one of the greats.

"It's amazing. And you're going to love it," she jokes. "You're gonna be like, 'This is right on up there with John Lennon, 'Imagine.' [I] guaran-damn-tee it!

"It's not 'Imagine.' Sarcasm!" she adds, setting the record straight. "But we can aim!"

Clarkson hasn't released an all-new, non-holiday, album since 2011's 'Stronger,' and she says the new release is going to contain "a little bit of everything" music-wise.

"It's an uplifting record. I've always been a person about empowerment and doing empowering songs," she says. "There's empowering songs on the record and there's a lot of positive on there."

"There's all kinda of genres," the Nashville-based singer says when asked if it will be a more pop- or country-focused release. "I'm obviously affected by the community I live in so there's a little bit of everything. It's a great record."

A release date for the album has not yet been announced.