Someone stole Kellie Pickler's name -- and she'd like it back, please. Kellie made the discovery over the weekend while hanging out with her pal Taylor Swift and talking about the popular social networking site Twitter. Taylor's a Twitter veteran who has already amassed nearly 450,000 followers on her Twitter page. But while teaching Kellie how to tackle the site, and getting her account set up, they realized someone was already tweeting with Kellie's name!

"I'VE BEEN ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!" Kellie wrote on her MySpace blog on Sunday. "I could have sworn that I was the ONLY Kellie Pickler, I mean have you ever heard of anyone else with this ridiculous name??!!!"

She then decided it was time to beg, writing: "Whoever you are out there that stole my name, can I please have it back?? pretty please????? It would be greatly appreciated!!! I'll give you some time to confess and return what's rightfully mine. If you do not come forward and give me my name back then I guess I will have no other choice but to steal someone else's! ha ha!"

Just a couple of hours later, rather than waiting to get her own name back, Kellie (or "nameless," as she signed off on her MySpace page) decided she'd go ahead and get her Twitter account set up anyway. But rather than steal someone else's name, she just gave her page a more "official" name. You can now follow Kellie's tweets at TheRealPickler.

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