Kellie Pickler is once again gearing up to head to the Persian Gulf to entertain troops as part of a USO tour, which also features Randy Houser and Jamey Johnson. Kellie, who will make her third USO trip overseas, has already started packing, and her luggage will be a bit lighter than usual. She tweeted, "Think I'm gonna leave the Red High Heels at home for this trip. Easier to jump in/out of helicopters in flats."

Kellie's not sure exactly where she and the guys will be headed -- and won't know until they get to the airport. "We never find out like where we're going to be going until we get on the plane and they hand us our tour book," Kellie tells The Boot.

Last year, Kellie, along with Kid Rock and the Zac Brown Band, did nine shows in five days in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and Germany.

Speaking of the trek with the notoriously rowdy Randy and Jamey, Kellie jokes, "I'm sure I'll have some very interesting stories to share when I get back. I'm sure there will never be a dull moment with those two."

When she hasn't been packing for the trip, Kellie has been going through boxes in her attic, finding some of her late grandmother's possessions. One of the items she found was an old dress, and she tweeted, "there was a strand of her hair stuck in the neck of the dress." Another item was her grandmother's last perfume bottle she bought before she died."It still has a little perfume in it," Kellie writes. "Joyous tears of reminiscence."

Kellie is currently headed up the charts with her latest single 'Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You.'