Introducing Kellie Pickler as someone with "an accent that makes Paula Deen sound like the Queen of England," the hosts of ABC's daytime cooking show, "The Chew," welcomed the country star to their kitchen set after having just done a demonstration on pickling. After the hosts apologized for the pickling puns, Kellie, who presented them with a basketful of pickles, said of the introduction, "I've been called worse." (Watch Kellie's "The Chew" segment below.)

The "Tough" singer then went on talk about her upbringing in Albemarle, N.C., and co-host Clinton Kelly confirmed that he was aware of the town after having spotlighted the "worst dressed couple in America" on his previous show, "What Not to Wear." Kellie explained that not only did she know them, but that her Grandpa Pickler was also seen in the background during the episode featuring them.

Kellie went on to talk about her visit to an elephant sanctuary for the GAC show, "Day Jobs," and recounted the experience of her fifth USO tour. She then got down to business, making a grilled pizza with shaved zucchini salad, tossing a pizza crust and learning the finer points of zesting a lemon. Click here for the recipe.

In additional segments, Kellie and Clinton prepared a Mexican corn dip and the singer also helped prepare Carla Hall's watermelon granita.