Kellie PicklerKellie Pickler normally struts her stuff on stage during her shows, but on Saturday night, she was barely mobile while performing. It wasn't because she was trying out a different choreography, it was because she sprained her ankle in Las Vegas the night before and had to perform while seated in a chair.

Kellie took to her Twitter page to let her followers know what happened. "[I] tripped and sprained my ankle in front of a wedding chapel," tweeted the North Carolina native. "Paramedics come, everyone stares, completely embarrassing."

On Saturday, she performed in Fresno, Calif., and right before the show, she tweeted an update: "My right ankle is swollen and black and blue."

As she prepared to head on stage in San Jose, Calif., on Sunday night, Kellie admitted she was "loopy" from all of the pain medication and asked if it might look a little weird if she sang with her foot in a bucket full of ice. The answer would be yes, but it probably didn't matter to her fans as long as they got to see her perform.

Hopefully, Kellie will be in better form and sporting her red high heels when the Fearless tour begins a two-night stand in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 15).