Kellie Pickler has received many awards and accolades over her career, including ... a corn maze? The singer was recently honored by having her likeness built into an eight-acre corn maze in her home state of North Carolina.

"We were watching 'Dancing with the Stars,' and said if she makes it, we're going to put her in the maze," land owner Alice Pyron tells WBTV of the Shelby Corn Maze.

Pickler isn't the only country artist who was honored at the corn maze. Jason Aldean's image was featured in the maze in 2011.

Pickler's next album, 'The Woman I Am' will be released later this fall. Although it's been more than seven years since the songstress shot to fame by appearing on 'American Idol,' she says it took this long to finally make the project she wanted to make all along.

“I’ve made records where I’m trying to make everybody else happy and say what other people want me to say. That was miserable,” she explains. “If you go in and you’re honest, people will either like you or not. You can’t please them all, so you might as well be happy with it yourself. It’s your face on the cover. You can’t change who you are to please other people.”

Pickler might have a hard time heading out to see the corn maze bearing her likeness, since she is spending much of the next few months on the road supporting the upcoming project. See all of her shows here.