Kellie Pickler got a surprise phone call during her interview with Nashville's WSIX radio earlier this week. Craig Morgan called in to invite her to be part of his upcoming USO tour in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I know that you have been extremely supportive of the military in the past," Craig said to Kellie live on the air, "and I know you went over to Iraq and Afghanistan last year ... Well I'm going over to do a GAC special for the men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I know the men and women of the Armed Forces would love for you to be there, as well."

"I would love to!" Kellie responded. "That would be amazing!"

Kellie has already been on two USO tours, performing in Iraq, Germany, Kosovo, England and Afghanistan. She commemorated those trips with two star tattoos on her left arm.

Craig had a very special reason for why he chose an unconventional method to invite Kellie, as opposed to going through the appropriate channels. "I just wanted the world to know how much you support the Armed Forces, and I wanted to personally invite you to come with me," he said.

Kellie certainly has a full schedule these days. In addition to joining her buddy Taylor Swift on the Fearless Tour, she is also headlining several dates on her own in support of her self-titled sophomore album.