Kellie Pickler's latest album, 'The Woman I Am' isn't even a year old yet, but the singer reveals she is already working on a new set of tunes.

“It’s crazy, you’ll listen to a thousand songs before you find that one that’s right for you,” she admits to Taste of Country. The songstress, who co-wrote three songs on 'The Woman I Am,' including the album's title track, says she is already excited about some of the music she's been listening to.

“I found two today that I love, but who knows," she concedes. "It’s still so early. A year from now it might be in the mix, but something else may come along that takes that spot.”

One thing is certain -- the former 'American Idol' contestant is becoming an old pro in the studio. Her debut project, 'Small Town Girl,' was released in 2006. Her upcoming record will be her fifth album.

“That’s weird to say,” she admits. “Five!”

Pickler is spending most of her summer on the road, but chances are good that her husband, hit songwriter Kyle Jacobs, will join her for much of the tour, since the two, who wed in 2011, don't like to be separated for long periods of time.

“There are moments when we miss each other,” she admits. “Then when we see each other, we are so excited to be together. We always make time for us. We are our No. 1 priority. Work always comes second.”

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