Kellie Pickler knows the demands her busy career requires. The songstress, who released her latest album, 'The Woman I Am,' last year, is willing to work hard for her success, but not at the expense of her marriage.

Pickler, who wed songwriter Kyle Jacobs in 2011, says her husband will always  be her top priority.

"There are moments when we miss each other," she tells CMT of the times when Jacobs can't travel with his wife. "Then when we see each other, we are so excited to be together. We always make time for us. We are our No. 1 priority. Work always comes second."

The 2013 'Dancing With the Stars' champ says her current single, 'Closer to Nowhere,' is perfect for her and her adoring spouse.

"I love this song because it's a love song that's not too heavy," she explains. "It's all about getting away from the craziness and the hustle and bustle of the world and just being with your significant other. We all need to make time for that. You don't want to be married to a stranger. I know I don't."

Pickler says her favorite place to get away with Jacobs is actually in their own backyard.

“People ask me all the time what do Kyle and I like to do in our free time to relax,” Pickler says. “We really don’t have to go far to feel like we’re ‘Closer to Nowhere’ & it doesn’t always mean we have to go somewhere fancy. Sometimes our favorite place to spend time together and just relax is our back porch swing.”