Kellie Pickler's latest album, 'The Woman I Am,' includes two songs she co-wrote with her songwriter husband, Kyle Jacobs, and two that he penned with other writers. But it's one of the tunes Pickler didn't write with him that she says might have a hidden message.

"They were doing a writer’s retreat," she recalls to Taste of Country. "I think it was during ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ he was getting ready to write another song. And I said, 'Well write a song for me, I need a song ... So him and the three other guys who were there, they wrote ‘No Cure for Crazy,’ so I don’t know what they’re trying to say," she adds with a laugh. "I thought it was hilarious. It’s so true."

The North Carolina native admits there are a few perks to being married to a hit songwriter. "If I say, 'Baby, I love this song, I wanna cut this song' then I definitely (do)," she explains. "It just depends on who he writes it with."

The songstress, who co-wrote the title track of her latest album with her spouse, says that while they both make appointments to write with other people, they rarely set aside time to write together.

"Anytime we write it usually happens organically," she explains. "It’s just a random inspiration."

Pickler will spend much of the remainder of the year on the road, including a show in Jacksonville, Fla. this weekend. See all of her upcoming concerts here.