Kellie Pickler has been a household name since she appeared as a contestant on Season 5 of 'American Idol,' where she finished in sixth place. Since then, she's had to deal with both the highs and the lows of fame, including shooting down several rumors about her personal and professional life.

Thankfully, the North Carolina native keeps a positive attitude about most of the stories, including a recent one that she babysat a stranger's children so that the mother could fly to Germany, where her husband was stationed.

"Not that I can remember! Don't believe everything you read on the internet," she tells Broadway at Connecticut radio station Country 92-5.

"It's a lie, but people will write anything to get people to go to their website," she adds. "But I would find it pretty bizarre if someone would let a complete stranger come in and watch their kids while they fly to another country."

The songstress says that while a lot of what is posted about her isn't true, she understands why people are so interested in her personal life.

"I think it's interesting, coming off of 'American Idol,' where people get to see kind of behind the curtain into your life," Pickler notes. "Coming out and being introduced to the world through the 'American Idol' way, and then later fast-forward a few years later, 'Dancing With the Stars,' they kind of give you inside sights on where that person is in their life right now. Each week, I revealed something different about each contestant on 'Dancing With the Stars.' I think people see me on these shows, and they do know a lot about me. But, the thing is, they forget that we've never met actually before."

The 27-year-old concedes that there is a downside to her fame as well.

"It can be a little bit of a scary thing too," she admits. "People will just come up to our house and ring the doorbell or just wiggle the doorknob and see if it will open. They'll just walk in and I'm like, 'Dude, I am packing. You can't be doing that, just walking into my house.'"

Pickler's latest album, 'The Woman I Am,' was released last year. She is spending much of the next few months on the road, including stops in Minnesota, Florida and Georgia next month. See a list of all of her upcoming shows here.