Kellie Pickler returned for another visit to the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show,' today (Jan. 27) and like her previous appearances with the Emmy-winning host, the pair kept the audience laughing the entire time.

The North Carolina native was on hand to join the ongoing celebration for Ellen's 54th birthday, which was on Jan. 26, and came bearing a gift from Music City.

"It's jelly," Kellie hinted about the contents of the gift bag. "It's the good kind of jelly. I know that you shake a lot of hands and meet a lot of people, and I worry about you, Ellen. I don't ever want you to get sick on us, so I brought you some medicine. My grandpa swears by it."

The Nashville resident pulled out a jar of clear liquid and presented it to Ellen, saying, "Happy birthday! A little love from Tennessee."

"What is it? Is it moonshine?" Ellen asked incredulously.

"It's got all your vitamins and nutrients," Kellie joked. "You don't even have to take vitamins. It will put hair on your chest!"

Watch video of Kellie on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' here.

The bubbly singer advised Ellen to not drink and tweet, however, before sharing her own humorous tales of over-sharing on Twitter.

"I love to tweet," Kellie admits. "I'm a little electronically ignorant. Just a little bit. There's just so many different gadgets that come out, and so many different apps. But I do know how to tweet. My fans and I tend to drink and tweet each other every now and then. I turn into the human jukebox, and I just start tweeting all the songs that are running through my head. I tweet other things, that I later regret the next day."

The wife of songwriter Kyle Jacobs also shared details of how she and her husband celebrated their recent one-year anniversary.

"We went to St. Lucia, and it was so beautiful. I love going down to the Caribbean. The people there are so happy ... We stayed at this place called the Ladera. It has three walls. The fourth is an invisible wall. It overlooks the rain forest and ... the mountains there. It's so beautiful. You do get these little critters that will crawl into the room. We had nets over the beds."

"What do you mean it has three walls?" Ellen asked. "Maybe it wasn't finished yet. That's crazy!"

The hotel staff gave the couple "little bitty water guns" to spray the unwelcome guests, but Kellie says she found another method worked even better.

"I went 'Get out,' and they all ran. I think there had not been anyone staying in that room the night before, so they thought it was the party room. So when we got there the first night, there were frogs, the loudest little frogs I have ever heard."

"What are you talking about?" Ellen joked. "Where did you go?"

"The good thing is that by the next day all the frogs had hopped away."

Kellie added that she also took advantage of her leisure time to get more familiar with the apps on her smartphone.

"I know how to tweet and I know how to play Angry Birds. That's the most important thing. I bought this app -- because it had different ones that made noises, like white noise -- and I thought that's what it was. But after I downloaded it, I realized it was a noise that is for babies, that they play while they're sleeping, or to keep them sleeping. It's the sound of a womb. I don't remember what it sounds like, of course, so I was sitting there going, 'Wow! So this is what it was like."

Of her frequent visits with Ellen, Kellie is always happy to accept an invitation to sit in the famous red chair.

"Ellen's so great, she's so wonderful," the singer-songwriter tells The Boot. "She is by far the best television show, talk show, any show like that that we've done. She's the best on camera and off camera. She really is. She's one of those people who when she says something, she means it. She's really sincere. She really cares."

Kelly also sang 'Where's Tammy Wynette,' from her latest album, '100 Proof,' which was released earlier this week. The tune, the South Carolina native explains, had a dual purpose for being included on the CD.

"'Where's Tammy Wynette,' almost didn't make it on there because this generation didn't grow up on Tammy Wynette," Kellie tells The Boot. "But after they hear it -- the ones that say, "Who's Tammy Wynette?" -- I hope they go and look her up. That's my goal with this song: I want this generation to know her and appreciate her style of music like I do."

Kellie has a handful of shows already scheduled for 2012, with more expected to be added at a later date. See her schedule here.

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