Kellie PicklerKellie Pickler could certainly take up acting if she wanted a second career. The country beauty was able to cry on cue for her 'Did You Know How Much I Loved You' video, per a suggestion from the video's director, Roman White. Although the song is about a broken relationship, Kellie explains that her tears were pulled from a different sort of heartbreak.

"When we were shooting the video, the director told me, 'I want to get a shot of you crying,'" Kellie recalls. "I [was] like, 'Umm ... OK ... I've never done this before.' He gave me a few minutes to kind of take myself to a place that would make me cry."

Kellie began thinking back to her childhood in North Carolina, where she was raised by her beloved grandmother, who passed away eight years ago.

"I still have a hard time and struggle every day accepting the fact that she's not here anymore," Kellie says softly. "I got to thinking about how difficult it is for me that she's not with me at this particular moment on this video shoot. I took myself to that place, and it just came pouring out."

Watch the 'Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You' video below.

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