Kellie PicklerKellie Pickler may have been on the 'Fearless' tour with buddy Taylor Swift, but there is one thing she's not so fearless about when it comes to taking the stage in front of thousands of people night after night. The 'American Idol' alum admits there's one particular mishap she's experienced over and over again during her shows ... In fact, it's happened so much that she's had to alter her wardrobe because of it!

"I am notorious for going out with my fly undone ... Notorious!" Kellie admits to The Boot. "So halfway through the tour, I got pants that didn't even have a button or fly, they just slid on. I'm so bad about it ... I always go to the bathroom right before I go onstage because I drink so much water, so I'm notorious for procrastinating getting ready, then running to the bathroom, then hurrying and rushing to the stage and going out with my fly undone. It is so humiliating! I did that on 'American Idol' I don't know how many times. The finale with 40 million people watching, my fly was undone!"

Next Tuesday (Dec. 8), Kellie will hopefully avoid a wardrobe malfunction when she presents a donation to the CMA's Keep the Music Playing Fund at a concert featuring Nashville Metro Public School students.