Former 'American Idol' contestant Kellie Pickler has appeared in the homes of 40 million Americans, toured with the show's finalists and is now set to release her debut album, 'Small Town Girl.'

But the plucky North Carolina native hasn't made it just yet. She says that day won't come until she gets to meet her own American Idol. "I'm the biggest Dolly Parton fan. I love all her songs," Pickler tells AOL Music. "I think she's the best songwriter, singer, performer. She's got the best personality, and she's done TV, film. I hope to be able to follow in her footsteps and to write and sing with her."

Does she also want to go into acting like her hero? "It's definitely something I'm interested in and something I'm going to try and pursue in the future," she says. In fact, she'd love to play Parton in a musical biopic.

"There's just something about Dolly," Pickler says. "When she walks out onstage, it's like that's when the show comes to life."

The Halloween release date for her album suits the singer just fine: It's her favorite holiday. In past years she has dressed as a bride, a pumpkin and a Barbie doll; last year she was Marilyn Monroe. Though she likely won't get to dress up this year due to her promotional schedule, she has an obvious idea for a future costume: "Maybe I'll dress up like Dolly Parton, assets and all."

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