Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's first child is due within the next few weeks, and the two have been taking Lamaze lessons to prepare. The problem is, Urban isn't quite sure what Lamaze is. During a recent interview with Nashville's WSIX radio station, Urban answered "no" when asked if he was taking birthing classes. But a surprise phone call to the radio show revealed otherwise.

"Hi, this is Keith's wife," Kidman said when DJ Gerry House answered the phone live on the air. "Actually, Keith has been doing Lamaze lessons -- he is selling himself short! He doesn't know the name [of the classes] but he has been very good at it."

Urban, who previously admitted that he also didn't know what a 'onesie' is, thanked his expectant wife for correcting him.

"I knew there was breathing involved," said the dad-to-be.

Kidman then explained that she was on her way to the radio station but was stuck in traffic. So House joked that she should stop by a local deli and pick him up a salad for lunch. Twenty minutes later, Kidman arrived with a fresh salad in hand. House couldn't believe she took him seriously.

"I have no intention of eating this," joked the DJ. "Are you kidding? Lunch delivered by Nicole Kidman? I'm having it bronzed!"

Urban and Kidman celebrated their second wedding anniversary last week. The two know the sex of their baby but are keeping it a surprise for friends and fans.