Keith urbanKeith Urban still can't quite believe he's in the place he is today -- in both his personal and professional lives. It's been a long and sometimes tough road, and he's still pinching himself.

"I look around sometimes and I'm shocked at where I've ended up," he tells the London Free Press. "I'm not sure that everybody would want to take quite the same journey I did to get to this place, but for me it's been incredible. Life is excellent. It's the best one I've had! [laughs] I feel like I've had a few of them, but this is definitely the one."

As for the other ones -- Keith demures with a laugh, "I think that's been well-documented," and then he moves on to his favorite subject -- daughter, Sunday. Keith's first child with wife Nicole Kidman celebrated her first birthday in July.

"It was your basic one-year-old's birthday," reports the proud dad. "Funny little party hats, lots of cake ... and incessant crying," he laughs. "I still can't believe I'm a dad. It's an amazing feeling."

As is the female adulation that pours over him at his shows -- which he truly appreciates but is also able to keep in perspective. When asked if he ever wishes fans would stop screaming when he's singing a solo and just listen, he firmly replies, "No, no ... they're actually pretty good. Our audience has a lot of musicality. We've always done these extended solos in certain songs, and the crowd tends to go along pretty well."

And Keith tends to also handle well the unbridled enthusiasm of fans at each show, when he takes his daring jaunt through the thick of his amorous audience to a satellite stage in back of the arena.

"It can get a little hairy sometimes," he admits. "I've had a few injuries ... but hey, it's rock 'n' roll."

As for whether or not he gets groped by overeager fans during those jaunts, Keith has a tried and true defense mechanism. "That's the good thing about having a guitar in front of you. And we're moving at a pretty good clip!"