Kieth Urban Keith Urban isn't the only musical person in his family. His daughter, Sunday Rose, is also showing some natural-born talent, the proud father reports.

"She's got some pipes," Keith tells US Weekly of his 16-month old with wife, actress Nicole Kidman. "I think she sounds quite musical. I sit at the piano with her in the morning and we mash the keys together."

Sunday isn't the only family member Keith enjoys belting out tunes with. "We sort of do our own things professionally, but I love singing with her at home," he tells PEOPLE about his wife, who has sung in a few of her films, including 'Moulin Rouge.' Keith even hints at the possibility of a duet together in the future. "I don't think anything's ever out of the question," he says.

Keith recently dedicated his American Music Award for Favorite Male Country Artist to his daughter and wife. The singer, who has won more than a dozen major awards, including two Grammys, says this one meant the most to him. "I've never won anything with Nic sitting in the audience before," Keith says. "It was beautiful to have [Nicole] there. She's such a huge inspiration for everything I do."

Keith is getting ready to take his Escape Together World Tour to his homeland of Australia, where he'll stay through the holidays to be with his family.