Keith Urban describes his current Escape Together World Tour as part tour and part reality show. The country superstar says cameras are following him around all the time, capturing footage to be shown on the jumbo-sized screens during his concerts.

One aspect of being followed around constantly, both literally and figuratively, is dealing with misinformation that often gets reported as fact. Case in point: the recent rumors that Keith and wife Nicole Kidman planned to adopt a baby from Vietnam.

While The Boot reported that a spokesperson for Nicole declared the story "fabricated," Keith himself set the record straight once and for all. During a call-in to Tampa Bay radio station US 103.5, Keith said, "This crazy Vietnam adopting rumor thing that's out there is just an absolute plucked-out-of-the-air rumor. So, I don't know where this stuff comes from. It's completely not true, so there you go."

Keith also went on to say that Nicole would not be giving birth to a sibling for daughter Sunday Rose any time soon. "My wife's not pregnant, and I'm not pregnant, either!" he insisted.