Keith Urban has endured plenty of ups and downs throughout his life and says his lyrics often reveal where he is, and sometimes even reflect the dark places he's heading towards before he even realizes it himself. The country star admits that his lyrics often speak the truth, even when he may not be ready to face it himself.

"It seems like the songs recognize where I really am," Keith tells Colorado's Greeley Tribune. "I may say where I am, but then I have to wonder why I keep traveling down a certain road."

Keith says a prime example was back in 2006, as he relapsed into addiction and subsequently checked himself into rehab to address the problem. "I didn't sense that there were major problems going on in my own internal self, but the songs started to reflect it faster than me."

Luckily, his latest album, 'Defying Gravity,' reflects an overall sense of happiness and peace, and Keith says even losing his beloved guitars to the recent Nashville flood can't dampen his uplifted spirits these days -- though he may hang onto some of the guitars just because he's too attached to them to let the warped and damaged instruments go.

"I just have more of a willingness these days to maintain that balance," he says, "and life is a much more enjoyable experience. I take the flood as a sign to find new things and write new songs with new guitars. If you're a guitarist, at the end of the day, you can make music with any guitar."

Keith is reportedly one-third of the way through recording his upcoming CD, and describes the songs as having "a different weight this time around." He'll play the Greeley Stampede this weekend.

Keith Urban - 'Til Summer Comes Around' (Live)

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