Keith Urban has released the fifth single, 'Somewhere in My Car,' from his No. 1 album, 'Fuse.'

The Aussie is keeping with a car theme, since his previous single was 'Cop Car,' but the two songs couldn't be more different. In his current tune, he sings, "But in my mind, we’re somewhere in my car / And it’s raining hard on the streetlight glow / You got your lips on mine, it’s gasoline on fire / I never will forget, you grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head / And your fingertips slide up and down my back."

Urban co-wrote the song with J.T. Harding, and played it for the sold-out crowd during the 2014 CMA Music Fest, saying it was about "reminiscing and missing an old love."

'Somewhere in My Car' is part of an eclectic list of songs from 'Fuse,' which Urban says stemmed from a desire to reach out of his comfort zone.

“Part of the record started out from sort of a sonic, rhythmic instrumentation aspect, bringing things together that I hadn’t done before,” he explains.

“It’s been incredibly liberating, creatively, for me,” he adds. “I don’t know why that is, because I’ve always been fortunate enough to make the records I want to make. I think just working with other people has just been a really enjoyable thing.”

Urban is currently on tour in Australia, before he returns to the United States to resume his role as judge on Season 14 of 'American Idol.' He is set to embark on the Raise 'Em Up Tour in July, with special guests Jerrod Niemann and Brett Eldredge. See a list of all of his upcoming shows here.

Download 'Fuse' here.