Keith Urban fans who thought the announcement of the release of his new album was thrilling enough will now have even more to get excited about. Urban is offering advance-purchase tracks from 'Defying Gravity' in a "Complete My Album" promotion on iTunes. And those who take part in the program will be treated to a bonus -- the previously unreleased tune, 'Call My Name.'

It's the first time in iTunes' "Complete My Album" campaign history that fans who buy at least one advance track and complete the purchase of an entire album within two weeks of its release will receive an additional song.

'Defying Gravity,' Urban's sixth studio album, is set for release March 31, and the "Complete My Album" campaign began March 3 with Urban's current -- and ninth No. 1 -- single, 'Sweet Thing.' On March 10, the second song 'Kiss a Girl' will be available, followed on March 17 by 'I'm In,' and 'Only You Can Love Me This Way,' on March 24. A full 99 cent credit toward the purchase of the entire album on March 31 will be offered for each of those songs purchased in advance.

In addition, Urban will offer a video podcast about the program and about each song he's releasing at iTunes before 'Defying Gravity' hits stores.