Keith Urban and his wife, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman have created quite a balance when it comes to career and family. The couple, along with two-year-old daughter Sunday, try never to spend more than three days apart. While it may be a challenge at times, the family makes it work.

"I don't know if there's any secret to it," Keith tells Parade. "Everybody sort of finds their own way to keep their life balanced. I know for me, family is first and I just make sure that I spread my time amongst the things that I love to do as well. Balance is never achieved, it's just maintained. And so far I've been able to maintain it."

Keith and Nicole seem to be cut from the same cloth, and the country musician feels lucky to have found his partner in life and love. "I'm fortunate to have a wife who understands about career as well," Keith states. "We're very blessed to have each other, and you recognize the importance of all the facets of our lives. But family is very, very strong in our lives."

Since family is very important, the topic naturally turns to the talented pair's beautiful offspring, Sunday, who Keith says is "a great mix of the two of us." The superstar told The Boot earlier this year, "Nic and I are very similar in a lot of ways anyway. She has this incredible determination and focus. That was inevitable that she'd get that!"

Keith is crisscrossing the country playing several outdoor festivals and venues. His next stop is with pal John Mayer in George, Wash., on August 28.