Keith Urban'Til Summer Comes Around,' the fourth single from Keith Urban's 'Defying Gravity' album, was the choice of the country star's fans, who petitioned Capitol Records to release the haunting ballad to radio. The CD's fifth single, 'I'm In' -- scheduled for release to radio next week, was also the choice of a fan .... perhaps Keith's biggest fan, wife Nicole Kidman.

"I made a compilation CD that we would listen to in the car. Every time that song came on, she loved it," Keith told The Boot of soliciting his wife for advice on song selection when he was putting the album together.

'I'm In' may already sound familiar. It was a single back in 2000 for twin sister duo, The Kinleys. And it was originally written and recorded by one of Keith's songwriting heroes, Radney Foster.

"Radney recorded an album called 'See What You Want to See' that I heard and loved when I was recording 'Golden Road,'" Keith explains. "It's full of great songs. 'I'm In' is on that album, as is 'Raining On Sunday,' which I cut, 'Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)' that the Dixie Chicks cut, and 'The Lucky Ones' that Pat Green did. I said to Radney that my goal is to eventually cover every song on that album."

Starting this Sunday (May 10), Keith is asking fans to submit their own 'I'm In' stories to his official website. He is looking for stories about how you've made a commitment to a significant other or to a charitable cause, or how you've made a difference in someone else's life. Stories are to be no more than 350 characters and can include a photo or video that illustrate how you are "in." Select stories will be posted on Keith's website, with winners qualifying for a chance to get free Keith Urban music, concert tickets and/or an autographed guitar.

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