More details have been released surrounding the deluxe version of Keith Urban's upcoming album, 'Get Closer,' to be released exclusively by Target and

The regular release of 'Get Closer' contains eight songs, featuring Keith's current hit single, 'Put You in a Song,' while the expanded version includes those same eight songs, as well as three additional new studio tunes, 'Big Promises,' 'The Luxury of Knowing' and 'Winning,' and four live tracks taken from Keith's Love, Pain & the whole crazy World tour, which are 'Once in a Lifetime,' 'You Look Good in My Shirt,' 'Better Life' and 'Everybody.'

The singer-songwriter digs deep to reveal the inner workings of love and "getting closer" to the one you love on his new album. He previously mentioned that his "experience was the closer I got to something that I felt could destroy me, I just want to run," which is not the case any more for Keith now that he's married and has a beautiful two-year-old daughter. So, the title, 'Get Closer,' goes beyond just falling in love. It examines what happens after you fall in love, as well.

"My wife refers to it as 'a well-examined life,'" Keith tells The Boot. "And I think deep down all of us want to make the most out of this life and experience as much as we can and love as much as we can, like where can that go? How far does that go? And, of course, the truth is it's endless. There's no end to it. It's my willingness to keep moving forward and really get closer, which is what the album is about. It's also to sort of say, 'Have we fallen into a rut as a couple? Have we stagnated? Are we just sort of living together and co-habitating, or are we really working on getting closer to each other? No matter how long we've been together, are we still trying to get to know one another and get closer and let the other one in?' And that's a never-ending process too. So, the title really is about all of those things."

'Get Closer,' the follow-up to 2009's 'Defying Gravity,' arrives in stores November 16.

'Get Closer' Retail Track List:

1. 'Put You in a Song'

2. 'You Gonna Fly'

3. 'All for You'

4. 'Long Hot Summer'

5. 'Without You'

6. 'Georgia Woods'

7. 'Right on Back to You'

8. 'Shut out the Lights'

'Get Closer' Deluxe Target-Exclusive Track List:

9. 'Big Promises'

10. 'The Luxury of Knowing'

11. 'Winning'

12. 'Once in a Lifetime (Live)

13. 'You Look Good in my Shirt' (Live)

14. 'Better Life' (Live)

15. 'Everybody' (Live)