Artist: Keith Urban

Video: 'For You'

Why We Dig It: He's gone from 'Long Hot Summer' to a big hot desert! Keith and his band take to the sand for their rockin' love song featured on the 'Act of Valor' movie soundtrack. The brand-new video also features clips from the film, which stars several active-duty Navy Seals.

"After seeing 'Act of Valor,' my co-writer [Monty Powell] and I wanted to capture the essence of not only what these men and women do so extraordinarily, but how that relates to all of us," says Keith. "'Valor' shows us what they are willing to give their all for, which made me wonder, 'What am I willing to give my life for?' 'For You' is intended to allow the listener to define who that is for them."

'Act of Valor' hits theaters nationwide Feb. 24.

Watch Keith Urban's 'For You' Video

Watch the 'Act of Valor' Movie Trailer

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