Keith Urban and Eric Church have released the video for their single, "Raise 'Em Up." The song is from Urban's 2013 Fuse album.

The simple black-and-white video shows the two hitmakers and friends playing the song on a sparse set, goofing around and obviously having a good time.

“My favorite part of this video were the candid moments that were captured between Keith and I on film,” Church says (quote via Taste of Country). “It’s cool that a number of those made it in the final version. To me, they really reify the emotion of the moment and experience.”

The clip also features everyone from young children to adults dancing, jumping and running around -- an idea inspired by Urban's own children.

“We put “Raise ‘Em Up” on and were watching this [slow-motion] film of our girls, and they just went together beautifully,” Urban explains. “It was so simple and emotional, and it captured some of the spirit of what I feel is at the heart of this song.”

Lines like "Raise em' up / You've got a voice, you've got a choice / Go make some noise / Don't ever let em' tell you / Who you are" are good examples of that spirit in "Raise 'Em Up" -- the spirit that made Urban want Church to be a part of the tune.

“It’s such a cinematic song as well, and I’ve always considered Eric to be a very cinematic artist,” Urban says. "I sent him the song, and he was in the studio immediately. I’m so glad he wanted to be a part of it because it took the song to a new place.”

Church, who is currently climbing the charts with his own new single, "Like a Wrecking Ball," was honored to be included on the tune.

“My first thought was, ‘I wish I’d written it,’” Church recalls of hearing the tune. “And I wished that because I feel like we did. If we sat down and wrote a song, it would be that kind of song. It’s artistic and has a lot of depth, but it’s about something so universal.”

Urban is also working on a new album, but he has yet to reveal if any of his famous friends will join him on the new project.

“I sort of like the unknowingness of it,” Urban admits. “I get in the studio and don’t know what we’re gonna do, and that can be enlightening and sort of revelatory, or it can be incredibly frustrating.”

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