These days, many fans choose to buy their favorite tracks from an artist on iTunes, rather than go out and purchase an entire album. Some artists (notably Garth Brooks and Kid Rock) don't like the idea and have refused to allow their music to be made available that way. And while Keith Urban's music is readily available at iTunes, the singer has his own reasons for wanting to purchase a whole album rather than individual tracks.

"The reason I like [buying a full album] is because you can go on a journey with the songs," Keith tells CMT. "And more importantly, coming to the concert, you're going to know more than just the single, which is always good."

Keith, who debuted six fresh, recorded-live-in-studio songs as 'iTunes Originals' last July -- including three from his latest album, 'Defying Gravity' -- said that although he sometimes has qualms about evolving technology, it all boils down to one goal -- getting his music out there for the fans.

"There are a lot of new ways of doing things that, as an artist, I feel uncertain about," he said. "But at the same time, I think at the end of the day, it's the way in which we listen to music and buy music and stumble upon it. I don't think having one song [on iTunes] negates the fact that someone might want the record. I think the idea of buying singles has exploded because people are so sick of buying records that have two good songs. They paid 12 or 15 bucks for an album that's got 13 songs, and they only want to hear two -- and the rest is garbage. I've got plenty of records in my collection, and they're rubbish. I like the idea that you can buy one song and another, and if you like three or four, you may like the whole record."

Since 2005, Keith has earned seven gold digital singles.