Brand New Band? OK, Keith Urban and David Nail aren't exactly forming their own Brooks & Dunn-esque duo, but they sure do sound fantastic singing together. The country stars partnered for a cover of Brooks & Dunn's "Brand New Man" during a show in New Hampshire on Sunday (Sept. 2). Watch their performance below.

After a slight technical problem, Keith starts the song off, then swaps lines with the "Sound of a Million Dreams" singer, as each pick along. At one point, they even get some help from the audience, who know the lyrics by heart.

Keith is getting more and more experimental these days with his live shows, especially when it comes to cover songs. Last month, he tackled Miranda Lambert's "Fastest Girl in Town," and before that he even put a country spin on Carly Rae Jepsen's smash pop hit, "Call Me Maybe."

Watch Keith & David Sing 'Brand New Man'

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