Keith Urban has released a video for 'Cop Car,' the third single off of his album, 'Fuse.'

The video tells the story of the song's lyrics exactly as you would expect -- a young couple take a drive and stop to watch the planes flying overhead, but end up in the back seat of a cop car for trespassing.

But Urban (or rather, the young man acting out his lyrics in the video) doesn't seem to mind the potential for arrest. He's too busy falling in love with the girl as she argues with the police officers, with "blue lights shining, bringing out the freedom in your eyes."

'Cop Car' was written by Zach Crowell, Sam Hunt and Matt Jenkins, and the video was directed by John Urbano, who Urban had never worked with before.

"I had him pegged for this song, and I just loved his vision for this whole thing," Urban says in a behind the scenes video. "There's certain songs that are written so visually that you can sort of see this whole unfolding ... It was incredibly easy to shoot the video because it's just…there it is."

The 'American Idol' judge gave a fast-paced dueling guitar performance of 'Cop Car' with Gary Clark, Jr. at the Grammy Awards on Jan. 26th.