Keith UrbanKeith Urban is one sneaky (and very generous) Santa. While in Australia for the holidays -- after playing several shows in his homeland -- the singer spent some time in a music store, where he purchased a new guitar. The International Business Times reports that while Keith was shopping, he noticed a little boy playing with a fuzz pedal, which is used for special musical effects. The child was playing with the pedal for over an hour, clearly enthralled by it. So, Keith decided to buy it for him .... secretly!

Keith asked the store owner, Tym Brennan, to put the $450 fuzz pedal on his credit card but to wait to tell the little boy until the singer left the store. After paying for his purchases, Keith walked over to the boy, wished him "Merry Christmas," and left the store. Tym then gave the surprised child his gift and 'fessed up that it was indeed from Keith Urban. At that point, Tym says the boy "looked at me several times blankly and sort of turned a bit white" before calling his father to tell him that he'd just received a Christmas present from a country superstar.

Keith will have more time to play Santa in a few days, when he, along with wife Nicole Kidman and daughter Sunday Rose, join extended family on both sides to celebrate the Christmas holiday.