Keith Urban -- along with Vince Gill -- is set to co-host an all-star concert to benefit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum tonight (Oct. 13) in Nashville. In the meantime, when he hasn't been on the road for the Escape Together World Tour, Keith has been spending time at home, lounging around in Elvis attire and holding out hope that he'll someday be a contestant on 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?'

Well, maybe not, but the superstar did tell Jeff Foxworthy -- host of '5th Grader' -- that he wants to be considered for an appearance on the popular game show. "Do you really?" laughed Jeff, 'because we can make that happen, Keith!"

Not so fast, says Keith. "One of the rare questions I already know the answers to ... No, I'm not smarter than a 5th grader."

During a call-in to Jeff on his 'Foxworthy Countdown' radio show, naturally, the first question the host asked the entertainer was, "Where are you?" Keith's response: "I'm at home in Nashville." Second question: "What are you wearing? ... and you have to tell the truth."

Keith quickly answered, "I'm dressed up like Elvis in a big jumpsuit. Wouldn't that be awesome if I just sat around the house [like that]?"

Yes, Keith, that would be awesome. Perhaps the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has one you can borrow?