Keith Urban saw the 20-year journey he took around the world to follow his dream to Nashville commemorated in cement Sunday (May 15) during the the Walk Of Fame star induction ceremony on Nashville's Music Mile. The Aussie guitar slinger and songwriting legend Bill Anderson both received stars on the Walk of Fame during the event, which was open to fans in downtown Nashville.

"The second I got here I loved this town," Keith tells "I grew up with all these records, my dad's record collection, and on the back of them they all said 'recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.' So as a 7-year-old boy I said, 'Well, that's where I'm going to go, wherever that is, I'm going there.'"

Keith's subsequent rise to superstardom didn't come quickly; he spent over a decade struggling to find his place before gaining the attention of the labels, getting some radio hits, and landing at the top of the charts. So the Walk of Fame star was special to him not only because it marked his arduous journey to the top, but also because legend Ronnie Milsap was on hand to dedicate it to him, with his wife Nicole Kidman nearby cheering him on.

"The absolute lowest of lows of my life and the complete highest of highest of highs have all happened in Nashville, and some of those great parts have been meeting people who are here today. To have Ronnie Milsap here to induct me into the Walk of Fame is quite surreal. And if some small little kid from some nowhere town in the middle of Australia can do it, you absolutely can do it too."

Bill Anderson was also inducted with a star on the Walk of Fame during the ceremony, and got emotional when he announced to the crowd he has a new 18-month-old Chinese granddaughter who was adopted by his son and his daughter-in-law the day before. "Someday I look forward to bringing her down here and showing her this."

Fans had camped out since 5:00 AM to catch a glimpse of both Keith and Bill during the rather chilly ceremony. The two new stars now brings the count to 50 on Music City's Walk of Fame.

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