Keith Urban has been declared the 16th Sexiest Man in the World!

A panel of 20 judges, recruited by E! Entertainment Television, recently compiled a list of the 25 sexiest men worldwide. Topping the list was British soccer star David Beckham, with American actor Johnny Depp taking second place.

Australian judge Samantha Brett said fellow Aussie Keith Urban's inclusion on the list was due in part to his virility and versatility.

"He's sort of the guy that came in and saved Nicole (Kidman) and he gave her what she wanted -- which was a baby," Brett told Australia's "He goes from rugged to red carpet in five minutes flat. He's always so well put together, he's down to earth and he's sweet."

Although born in New Zealand, Keith was raised in Australia. Another New Zealand-born celebrity, rugby player Dan Carter, also made the list. Only France placed more than one representative from their country among the top 25. Others who made the grade include Irish-born actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Greek pop star Kostas Martakis, and well-chiseled (and delightfully-named) Filipino actor Dingdong Dantes.