Keith Urban, an electric guitar solo, lots of flashing lights and some great country music: What else could a country fan want? The singer delivered on the 2014 CMA Awards stage with 'Somewhere in My Car,' and it was a dizzingly enthusiastic performance.

There were so many light effects during the performance, it felt like a true, entertaining, awe-inspiring performance. Coupled with Urban's good looks, smooth vocals and awesome guitar solo, he rocked the night and amped up the energy of the evening.

His song 'Somewhere in My Car' is from his No. 1 album 'Fuse,' and he co-wrote it with J.T. Harding, also playing it during the 2014 CMA Music Fest. Urban explained the meaning, saying it was about “reminiscing and missing an old love.”

At the end of the performance, the singer took a deep bow and extended his hand to the others in his band, pumping his fist in excitement at their solid showing.