Katie Armiger's latest CD is called 'Confessions of a Nice Girl,' but her fans may have thought the album was incorrectly named on Sunday (July 10), when a computer hacker sent out two malicious and obscenity-laden e-mails to addresses on her mailing list, posing as her in one of them.

"I would like to take this time to let everyone know that I hate all my fans," the first one read [quote via CMTT]. "You guys never ordered my music or requested my songs. I am leaving country music and will never come back. I will also be leaving Twitter and Facebook. All of y'all can kiss my ass."

The hacker sent a follow-up e-mail shortly after the first, referring to the 20-year-old as a "slut" and a "skank."

"Apparently my email has been hacked!" Katie posted on her Facebook page, shortly after the e-mails were sent. "I'm so sorry guys! We are trying to fix this as soon as possible!!" In spite of the mean-spirited nature of the messages, the songbird was still able to find a bit of humor in the situation.

"Thanks for everyone telling me so quickly," she added later in the day. "When they find this guy, y'all can put him in a dodge ball game ... and use bricks!"

To avoid further confusion, Katie's management company also jumped to her defense, sending out a follow-up message to clear up any questions. "Within the past few hours, we experienced a malicious attack on KatieArmiger.com," they wrote in their statement to fans. "Katie, her management, and of course [the website's host] MusicCityNetworks would like to apologize to each of you for anything offensive that you may have seen on the website. Please know that we are doing everything possible to remedy this unfortunate, serious and criminal act."

The singer-songwriter isn't letting hackers get the best of her. A deluxe edition of 'Confessions of a Nice Girl (the True Confessional)' is set for release September 20, and will include her current single, 'I Do, But Do I.' Katie is also performing several shows over the summer, including serving as opening act for Darius Rucker Friday night (July 15) in Atchinson, Kansas. Keep track of her schedule here.

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